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Where was this money going before??

June 5th, 2007 at 02:54 pm

I just recently started the $20 challenge and am amazed at how fast all the little bits of cash add up! Before, I would just keep the money in my wallet and eventually spend it - probably on something that I didn't really need. Now, it's safe and tucked away in an envelope, waiting to be invested eventually. Smile

The past few days I've added:
- $10 for kitchen appliance sold on
craigslist (I'm spring cleaning and
selling or throwing out anything I
don't really need)
- $3 for 3 loads of laundry hung on a
rack instead of the dryer
- $40 for a cash paying client. I have
my own business cleaning houses and
decided to save the money if clients
give me cash. (most give checks)

Previous balance - $36
Current balance - $89

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